Saturday, 3 November 2012

Activ Spaces and the Tech World in Buea (Cameroon, West Africa)

I paid a visit to ActivSpaces and had quite an experience. ActivSpaces located in Buea is a tech start-up incubator. If you have ever been there then this article isn't for you, unless you got so much time to burn, etc. 

My visit to ActivSpaces.

If you have been to other tech incubators but not ActivSpaces, you need to get there now, and for those who (like me before this article) have never been to a tech incubator, well ... You Need Help !

I got to meet a great deal of guys who are behind some trend changing  products. 

First you got Al Banda, the community manager of activ spaces. I will like to say he is the man who keeps the amazing guys amazing.

There is also Mohamed Felata who is behind King Maker, an internet cafe Ad Network which helps cyber cafe owners make more money by effectively serving ads to their customers. It can also be used by school I.T centers to serve ads to the student population and other.

Otto Paul, who is behind, an e-commerce site which enables users to buy without using a credit card and has other functions which make it specially tailored for the Cameroonian market. 

Otto Paul (right) of and I (left).
I also got to meet  Quincy, Nara and Absalom the developers of, Ryan Yoder who has worked on a couple of projects at ActivSpaces and a lot of other guys all gearing up to change the face of technology in Cameroon. 

Its a place to be and I plan to visit more often or better, be a member.

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