Saturday, 20 July 2013

Larry Page Vs Sergey Brin (3 Things you can Learn About them from Google+)

Firstly, I must say that this isn't about a fight between Larry Page and Sergey Brin-- the founders of Google. I just chose to use "Vs" because everything in tech these days seems to be a battle -- Apple vs Samsung, Microsoft vs Apple, Android vs IOS, Oracle vs Salesforce, and the list isn't started yet -- so I thought should be voguish and use it too. If you are wondering what this article is about, it's about some deductions I made by analyzing the Google+ profiles of Larry Page and Sergey Brin, so this is actually a comparison between their Google+ profiles its also about me having some spare time and deciding to use it by having fun comparing two people who inspire me. Here I go !

Sergey Brin
Larry Page

1. Larry is more popular than Sergey

Larry has more followers (more than 6.2 million) than Sergey (little over 4.1 million)

2. Larry's G+ profile is managed by a "bot" while Sergey manages his profile himself

Only 5 out of the 20 latest post by Sergey are related to Google. The remaining 15 range from Russia, planes, sharks, solar eclipse, to Jellyfish. As for Larry, 13 out of his 20 latest post are Google related while the other 7 are mostly about locations of restaurants he likes and his vocal cord paralyses (sorry about that Larry). This makes me think Larry has programmed a bot or assigned someone to do it (I support the "bot hypothesis" because it will be inconvenient to have someone follow you and be posting locations were you just ate but its easier to have a bot do that from your android).

Also, in the "About" section of their profiles, Sergey has more details than Larry e.g education, or might be Larry never went to school that's why he has no education information present.

3. Sergey loves adventure and is open while Larry is reserved and likes to play it save

Segey's profile picture has him skydiving and his cover photo is a group of Jellyfish while Larry's profile picture has him smiling (just like the photos which authors put at the back of their books), and for the cover photo? Well, the best and shortest description I could give is that its a photo of a sad fox (well I think its a fox, check out his profile and let me know in the comments if am wrong).
Larry Page's Google+ Profile Picture
Sergey Brin's Google+ Profile Picture

Anyone can send Sergey an email by clicking the little envelope icon by the right of where his name is written while Larry has blocked that option. I also think Sergey can afford the luxury of receiving mails publicly since he has about 2 million less followers than Larry. On second thought, I think this supports my bot hypothesis because his bot can only post but not respond to mails.

I will like to state that I do not have any link with any of the above mentioned and the above "facts" were deduced solely by reading through their G+ profiles and nothing else. Its intended to be fun or "fun".

What do you think of my deductions ?. Leave a comment.

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